My Friends, the Happy Family of 5 (Two Parents, Two Kids, One Dog)

photo 1 (16)I’ve been pretty lucky in life.

I have a group of girlfriends I’ve known for over 15 years–20 years in some cases. We grew up together, went to the same schools, and graduated together. Email, AOL Chat (haha, circa 2001), Facebook, and Instagram have all helped us keep in touch over the years, through engagements, marriages, and babies. A few of us still live in the Cincinnati area, and we get together as a group for drinks or dinner from time to time.

I feel like I know these women pretty well, but every once in a while, they throw me a curve ball to amaze me.

My friend Meghan Bole is doing that right now.

photo 4 (12)Meghan and her husband Chuck (he grew up with us too, I’ve known him since freshman year of high school) are about to adopt two wonderful little boys from China. One is a toddler, the other is 4, and their names are Hudson and Chase.  These two adorable children need a good home and loving parents.

I know they will get that with Meghan and Chuck. No doubt.

Meghan has wanted to adopt for years. All through high school, when we talked about future husbands or the kids we wanted to have, she always mentioned this. She had a loving heart that wanted to help a child in that way. She made that clear. I never asked Chuck about it, but I assumed he did, too.

Those two have always just sort of been in sync. They started dating before we could drive cars, and they never stopped. Now they’re happily married–one of those awesome couples you come across that is perfectly suited for each other. I can’t imagine one without the other.

photo 2 (18)Meghan never said she wanted to do international adoption, though, not in so many words. At least, she never confided that to me.

That’s why, when she told us about this upcoming trip to bring her two boys home, I had to sit in awe of my friend and her husband. Together, they’ll do something in the next few months that will test both of them, but also something that will unite their family and make them complete. This summer they will travel across the world, work with translators, pay huge fees, test their faith, and bridge cultural barriers to adopt two boys who desperately need them.

And that’s nothing short of amazing.

photo 1 (15)This past weekend, a small crowd of people who have known Meghan and Chuck celebrated what will happen in the next few months. We came together for an afternoon to support them. This wasn’t a typical baby shower or fancy tea.This was about much more than just gifts. This was about giving them support and love they will need so this can happen.

photo 3 (14)It was fun. Meaningful. Educational. Exciting.

I left the party more excited about this part of their lives than I have been about anything else for them–ever. This is a huge step. It takes courage. Commitment. Love. Hope. Faith.

My two friends have all of that, and more. I can’t wait to what happens in this next chapter of their lives.

To read more about Meghan and Chuck’s adoption journey, check out their blog, Happy Family of Five. 


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