Loved Locked Down… on a Bridge

Sunny weather and breezy days have me walking around Cincinnati more for exercise, and I love some of the things that gives me a chance to see.

A favorphoto 3ite walk of mine takes me across the Purple People Bridge, that famous pedestrian only bridge across the Ohio River that links Cincinnati with Northern Kentucky. There’s always something to see on that walk, and the other day, I spent some time examining a new feature of the bridge–the love locks.

photo 4 (1)

I have no idea when this trend started, but sometime in the last few years people started clipping locks to this bridge as testimonies of their love and relationships. The trend took off, and now there are several hundred locks across that bridge, some of them carved with special dates and names. photo 2 (1)

It reminds me of a more famous love lock bridge, of course, the Pont des Arts. At some point, that bridge became of the bearer of so many love locks that the weight started to cause damage to the infrastructure itself.

I hope that doesn’t happen to the Purple People Bridge. photo 1 (1)

In the meantime though, the locks on the bridge are interesting to look at during a walk, and something else that makes the Queen City unique.

And who knows… you might come across a love lock bridge moment in a future book of mine one day….


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