Its Hat Season!

photo 3 (13)In case you didn’t know, its hat season.

I’m not talking about winter hats, baseball hats, and other such useful hats. I’m talking about the frilly little puffs of cream made for show and special occasions. You know the type. They look like macaroons and very often have sparkles, feathers, and an abundance of ribbon.

I love these kinds of hats. I have four.

photo 2 (16)See, these hats are special, and they come with their own season. It starts at Easter, when women traditionally donned a hat for church, and ends in late June, after the early summer garden weddings. Sandwiched in between come trips to Keeneland (if you live near Lexington, KY) , The Kentucky Derby (or at least to a celebratory party), an a variety of garden lunches, most of which double as fundraisers.

In short, this fun time of year coincides with the arrival of spring.

photo 1 (14)At Tuesday night’s hostess/committee reception for the 2015 Hats Off Luncheon, I got a reminder of how much fun hat season can truly be.

As about 100 women mixed and mingled at the New Riff Distillery, a number of ladies also tired on hats from Bunches of Bows, a delightful shop in Ft. Mitchell that specializes in hats and other dainty things. The store has  a creative inventory, and it was fun to try on the various hats and fascinators  they brought to the party. And yes, I bought one.

It is hat season, after all, and I have a few places to wear it.

A girl can never have enough hats.

The Hats Off Luncheon, by the way, raises funds for Cincinnati Parks. This year, the money will help keep Smalle Riverfront Park in top shape. Even if I wasn’t a hostess for this event, I would encourage Greater Cincinnati residents to attend. This region has some gorgeous parks that can be enjoyed by anyone. Let’s keep it that way!

Meanwhile… do you like wearing fancy hats as much as I do?


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