An Awesome Day for an Awesome Cause

photo 2 (13)Today was a fantastic day at Wesley Community Services Organization.


This whole month, Wesley Community Services has been participating in March for Meals, a nationwide push that highlights organizations that provide Meals on Wheels to  older Americans all across the country. In 2014, Wesley Community Services provided over 450,000 meals on wheels products to clients in Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky (cough–I jointed the board of WCSO that December, too–cough), and we wanted to make sure the community is more aware of the work we are doing.

Board members and administrative staffers also wanted to lift the spirits of Wesley clients, and the staff that provides these meals. Since Wesley operates an industrial sized kitchen, a lot of people take part in the process.

Today, that happened in two major ways.

First, the lovely and talented Jessica Brown showed up around 5AM with a photographer and that crew did a series of live shots for FOX19 about all that goes in at Wesley in the mornings. She was perfect as always (love her).Here’s a link to her live shots if you missed them. 

FOX19 also covered what happened next…

photo 1 (10)All four Cincinnati Reds mascots visited with and helped Wesley’s kitchen crew and drivers with their work, then visited a few of the clients at their homes. I was there for this part, and let me tell you it almost made me cry. Not only did it warm up my heart to see the staff having so much fun with the mascots, but it was so fun to see the clients react to the the visits by the mascots. So many of WCSO’s clients don’t get out of their homes, and many of them only see the Meals on Wheels drivers on a regular basis. For them to have a chance to meet with the Reds mascots did more that just make for a fun photo op. It helped cheer them up, and show them that others in the community still care and think about them.

It was impossible for me to have a bad day after that.  There are a lot of people who really care about others living in this part of the country. And more than ever, I’m ready for Opening Day.

Go Reds!

And here’s a look at those mascots hard at work in the WCSO kitchen, helping to prepare Meals on Wheels. We should hire them, huh?


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