Spin to Win: Five Reasons to Take a Spinning Class

If you’re like me, you get bored easily.

Mid section of four people working out at a class in gymIt can be hard to do things over and over again, especially something that takes time and effort, like a workout. Since 2008, when I first got serious about my personal health, I’ve been on a journey, trying different types of workouts different ways. I’ve run several races (including a marathon), hired a fitness trainer, attended all kinds of exercise classes, and challenged myself to change it up in the gym.

My recent “go-to” workout plans includes frequent spinning classes.  Right now, I attend between three and six classes a week, depending on the week. Most of those classes happen at CycleBar.  And I just want to say that I’m in love.

Spinning is unique, fast, friendly, and fun. That’s a pretty hard combo to create when it comes to asking people to sweat out the calories while moving their body more. In a spin class at CycleBar, an instructor guides a class through a high energy ride on a stationary bike. Unlike regular stationary bikes, the spinning bikes have a flywheel and are made to go very fast on certain gears. Music videos and fast paced songs accompany the ride, which can be completed at any fitness level. During a 50 minute class, the instructor takes riders through several hills, a few endurance drills, and various jumps in and out of the saddle. It all adds up to one heck of a workout.

If you haven’t tried spinning before, here are five good reasons to do it:

CycleBar class in session1. It’s a great way to beat the winter blues. I find it so tempting during  a cold, crisp, snowy February to talk myself out of the gym. When I can’t do anything outside except shiver, it’s easy to call it quits on fitness. A spinning class doesn’t allow for that. Strap into the bike, and it’s hard to wimp out until the class is over. And by the end, of course, the calorie and the sweat help take the endorphin release even higher. No more winter blues.

2. The calorie burn can be super high. I’ve read some articles that claim the average spinning class can burn about 800 calories in 50 minutes. I personally don’t buy that, but I do buy the idea that a fast paced, high gear class gives about the same burn as running. For me, that means about 500 calories (maybe a few more) in 50 minutes. Not bad at all, friends.

3. Spinning engages the core and the lower body. I’ve been taking spinning classes regularly for about two months, and I’ve really noticed a difference in core strength. When I started the classes, I could hold a plank for about a minute on a good day. Now, I’m closer to two minutes, and getting stronger every day. I’ve also noticed a decrease in stomach fat and stronger leg muscles. I’ll take it!

4. Spinning can be done by anyone and any fitness level. The bikes might look intimidating, and yes, the pedals go very fast, but a spin bike ride is effective for almost everyone because the individual rider controls the gears and the speed of the ride. This means many people, from beginner to expert, will get something out of spinning. Then, over time, a rider can track improvement.

5. Spinning classes are a fast way to pass the time.  I’ve never seen 50 minutes move so fast at any other fitness class I have ever attended. Before I know it, I’ve been on the bike for 20 minutes, then 30, and then 45. Because of this,  my daily exercise is finished before I even know it has begun. Can’t beat that.

So, the next time you’re looking for a way to switch up workouts, check out spinning! You just might find a new favorite.


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