A Very Important “Think Pink” @Fox19

My scarf, worn in honor of MK.

My scarf, worn in honor of MK.

I remember when FOX19 started the Think Pink initiative several years ago. At the time, I was a full-time employee, and the station developed Think Pink as part of an overall push for breast cancer awareness in the region and the ongoing fight so many women face.

Each month, on the 19th, on-air talent committed to wearing something pink as part of this awareness campaign. FOX19 also produced a number of news stories about the disease and partnered with community agencies for several fundraising efforts and other supporting events.

It was a noble cause for sure. So many women in Greater Cincinnati (and even a few men) have seen this disease touch their lives. Early detection and awareness help in this fight, and I had to applaud my place of employment for stepping up the effort, even though it didn’t directly affect me.

But now, it does.

You see, today’s Think Pink is very special and close to my heart. Even as a now part-time employee of the station.

A few weeks ago, just after the new year, a close friend of my family was diagnosed with breast cancer. MK is her name, and she’s the last person I would have expected cancer to strike. She’s fit, young, glamorous, and has a good heart. She’s one of those people who others look up to in life.

Cancer can be so cruel. The diagnosis happened basically on the same day she turned 40, and all because of a fluke. MK thought something was wrong, she went to her doctor, and she insisted that doctor take another look even though the doctor didn’t see anything.

Who was right? MK.

It’s Stage 1. In the world of cancer, that is very good. Promising. She has hope and she has options. She also has amazing support.

But today, the 19th, also happens to be the day of her surgery. I won’t get into details, but lets just say it’s the kind of surgery that changes your life. A chapter closes. Another chapter begins. That kind of moment. She needs love, friends, and good energy today.

So my fancy pink scarf, the one that has a Burberry inspired print on it, is for her. I’m not just “Thinking Pink” today. I’m living it.  Yes, it’s bitterly cold outside, so I have to also wear my heaviest winter coat, a red Columbia jacket number that comes with an Eskimo hood.

But the scarf is still there. It’s peeking out around my collar and even closer to my heart. And I’m really grateful that FOX19 started this awareness campaign so many years ago. Now that’s touched my life, I see things differently.


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