Inside My Life: Theater is so much better when you know the stars

Sound of MusicI spent a lot of time in my childhood as a theater kid. And I loved it–even if I wasn’t all that talented at it. Starting in the summer after third grade, I took acting lessons at Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park, tried out for local theater productions, went after parts in school plays, and even went on a few auditions for local commercials. For awhile, I wanted to be a movie star (haha), and  my love of acting and the theater continued all through high school.

It’s probably a big reason why I’ve spent more than 10 years of my life working in TV. Broadcast journalism has it’s share of acting required in the job description.

Saturday night, I got a chance to see what it was like though, for the people who supported me. My husband and I took some time out of the busy holiday season to attend a performance of The Sound of Music at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center, a delightful local playhouse that offers all kinds of community events. This weekend’s production featured a cast of children in the abbreviated show, which lasted just over an hour.

Sean and I attended because, well, we happen to know two of the stars. Kathryn Rink landed the part of Maria back in the fall. Madeline Rink had a role as a nun and a few other parts in the ensemble cast. Both were so excited to be a part of their first musical, and participated in two performances this weekend.

Their father and stepmother are two of our closest friends.

I didn’t know what to expect as we sat down to watch the show, but after 90 minutes, I was so impressed. It’s hard to stage a major production with a cast ranging in age from 5-13. Really hard. Anything can happen, especially in front of a sold out audience.

But the kids pulled it off flawlessly.

You could feel their enthusiasm.  Many of them showcased a wide ranging of acting and vocal skills, and the few unexpected events just added to the fun of the show (like the cast member caught on a live microphone complaining about how hot it was on the stage). We loved it. It was such a fun night.

And of course, my two favorite stars did great. These girls are ones to watch. They’re going places in life.




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