#NaturalLove: Let’s Chat!

Natural Love Google Plus Book ChatOne thing I love to do is talk to people.  It’s fun. Heck, I’ve made a career out of talking to people. It ‘s one of the things I do best.

And now, I want to talk to you.

On Monday night, I’m hosting the first five readers who sign up on a special Google Hangout Chat. If you’ve ever used Google Hangouts, then you’ll know why I am doing this. They are fun, and a great way to connect a number of people on one line to discuss one topic. I did my first Google Hangout Chat with a few ARC readers two nights before NATURAL LOVE released, and we had a ton of fun talking, swapping stories, and connecting.

So I’m hosting one again.

If you have read NATURAL LOVE and you want to talk about it, participation is pretty simple. All you needs is a reliable internet connection, a working computer with a webcam,  a profile on Google Plus, and a Google email. Once you have all of those, fill out the form below and I will simply call you at 8PM EST on Monday, December 15th.

Then, you can ask me anything! We’ll chat for a long as you want, but no longer than an hour.

Remember, I can only take 5 readers on the line at the time. Anything more has a tendency to overwhelm the system.

This is meant to be a fun time, sort of like a virtual book club. Think of it that way. It’s low pressure, low key, and just a way to share with each other and connect. All you really have to do is bring your  (clothed) self. If you’re there on the 15th, I’ll be there on the 15th.

Sound fun?

Sign up here, and I’ll see you then:


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