#NaturalLove Release Week: Why do you set your books in Cincinnati?

CincinnatiIn anticipation of NATURAL LOVE‘s release, I’m answering one of the questions I get all the time:

Why Cincinnati?

I never expected to set any of my books in Cincinnati  or in Ohio. Growing up, when I thought about the stories that I would write and the stories I yearned to tell, I never set them in the city I consider my hometown. I set the those stories in NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, and on made up planets.

Never in Ohio. And never in the Queen City.

Fortunately, I grew up. I changed. I evolved.

As I saw the world differently, I also so my hometown differently.  Cincinnati is a pretty interesting place. Not only does it have a lot of history, it has a vibrant social scene, a cast of characters and a wealth  of places to set scenes. It just made sense. Everywhere I looked, I became inspired–not just by the places I frequented but the people I got to know.  Cincinnati is no “fly over city” in the middle of the country somewhere. It’s a city full of surprises.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00005]So when I get asked the question, “Why do you set so many of your books in Cincinnati?” I always answer the same way.

Why not?

Sometimes in life, the most obvious choice is the one right in front of you.

Now, I just have one reminder for all of my Greater Cincinnati readers (there are a few). The story is fiction. Fiction. Say it with me. Fiction. It’s a story. While some things might look familiar, some characters might seem real, and some places really do exist, in the end it is only a story. It is a romance. It is a love. And it is not real.

Even though, as the author, sometimes it sure feels real to me.

NATURAL LOVE is slated for release on December 9, 2014. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. 


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