#NaturalLove Release Week: An Inside Look at Chadwick Gardens

The historic Astors Beechwood mansion located in Newport Rhode Island.In the “alternate universe” Cincinnati that I created for NATURAL LOVE, the sprawling mansion of Chadwick Gardens plays a pivotal role. It is a central backdrop to the story, and provides an aspect of the tension in the book.

Here’s a closer look at this major part of the story.

Name: Chadwick Gardens (not original name)

Date Built: 1921

Architect: WW Cordes (a real person, but this is a fictional property)

Architectural Style: Art Deco with Greco Deco elements

Awards: National Register of Historic Places

Key Rooms in Natural Love: Spencer’s bedroom, foyer, Avery’s bedroom, dining room, library, living room, kitchen, study

Amenities: pool,small vineyard, extensive manicured lawn, terrace, patio

Other Aspects:  Spencer’s father purchased Chadwick Gardens as a statement piece, and he promptly renamed it after the family. The house is a source of pride for Spencer’s father and stepmother, both of whom enjoy living in a mansion that screams old money while they are nothing but new. The Chadwicks see the house as a way to cement their place in Cincinnati society.

NATURAL LOVE is slated for release on December 9, 2014. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. 



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