Some Thoughts on the Craft–and a Few Updates

writing-writing-31275199-1500-1004Hey, there!

No, I haven’t blogged in a while–but I’m still here!

These last few weeks have been so busy. First, I needed to get Prince Charming ready for the first round of professional edits. That included getting feedback from beta readers, going through my own edits, and making sure the final product met the editor’s specifications!

By the way, if you are just getting up to speed on this project, here is more about Prince Charming on Goodreads. Comes out in January!

I also took a freelance reporter/anchor position at FOX19, my old stomping ground here in Cincinnati. I’m happy to be back, and doing news in my hometown, even as a part timer! I couldn’t stay away from newsrooms long, it turns out.

In addition, I’ve started writing a new work, Social Rehab. It’s a secretive work. I’ve had it in my head for almost a year. No, I’m not ready to tell you any more about it.

But I do promise this–I’ll update the blog more!


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