Wear “Too” Nation

too.-bikiniThere’s something new and fashionable brewing in Cincinnati. Something underneath it all. Something sexy.

And something for a good cause.

Too. is about to launch.

It’s a company based around women, fashion, and domestic violence. Basically, for every pair of high quality underwear purchased, Too. will donate a pair of underwear to a women’s shelter.

I chatted with the founders Tuesday night at Righteous Room, and they are passionate about this project for many reasons.

Women’s shelters are always in need of many things–money, food, clothing, and support. Often women and their children who seek solace at these places arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing after escaping a nightmare. The founders of Too. saw that need, and a way they can help. It’s a one-for-one kind of project, similar to the efforts done by the shoe company TOMS. 

too.-thongToo. has currently partnered with women’s shelters all over the country, including Hope House (Kansas City), Starting Point (Conway, NH), McCoy Family Shelter (San Marcos, TX), Roxanne’s House (San Marcos, TX), El Refugio (Silver City, NM), W.O.M.E.N. (Nashville, TN), Haven (Bozeman,MT), WSCC (Cleveland,OH) and Every Woman Opportunity Center (upstate New York).

Headquarters, however, will remain in Cincinnati, and plans are to launch the product in early 2014. In the meantime, you can like Too on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

And, don’t worry! I’ll post more updates when the brand launches!


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