Fall Fashion 2013: Four Finds

Fall Fashion 2013

If you haven’t noticed, fall is the best season for fashion. Everyone brings their A-game, from Hollywood starlets to fashion designers to magazine editors. Fall trends can set the tone for an entire year.

2013 is no different. Fall is upon us, my friends.

So what am I scoping for fall trends? Here are four big things:

1. Emerald: Pantone’s color of the year lit up runways all over the year, and going green is so on trend this season it’s not even funny. It looks gorgeous as a party dress color, but can also be used every day. Afraid to commit? Try adding the color in as an accessory.

2. Boyfriend jeans: These are by now an annual favorite, but they’re big once again this fall because they are edgy and versatile. Dress them up with heels or chunky low boots. Dark colors look best on most bodies.

3. Military/Moto blazers and jackets: These types of jackets provide a solid structure to any outfit, and can go from the office to a cocktail party. Try mixing it up with large buttons or a jackets that uses a few kinds of fabrics.

4. Plaid: This fabric is everywhere. It’s not 1994, but plaid is back, and in a big way. Mix it up with a fitted plaid shirt, skirt, or classic Burberry plaid scarf.

What fashion trends do you love from Fall 2013?


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