Book News: Prince Charming

PrinceCharmingThose of you following me on Twitter and Facebook know I’m working pretty hard on a new novel. I’ve written most of it in the last 20 days. The idea came to me in the middle of the night, and I woke up with a frenzied need to write it all down before I lost the idea. I wrote 3 thousand words that night, and haven’t lost the momentum since.

In fact, I have a private bet going with myself. I’m trying to finish this book’s first draft by the end of this month.

I’m so far in now, as far as words go, and the story has taken shape enough that I now feel comfortable sharing a little bit about it with the world. The new work is called Prince Charming, and it is a New Adult Romance, with a sort of modern fairy tale twist.

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads, where you can also add the book to your lists:

Geoff Miller just wants to graduate. After 12 years of school with the same people in a snobby Cincinnati suburb, he needs to move on, get away, and start a new life as a freshman at the University of Virginia. 

All he has to do is get through the next six months of school. 

Laine Phillips wants to leave as soon as she can, too. For 12 years, this popular girl has been Miss Everything to her graduating class, so much so that other students call her “Princess”. She doesn’t like the box she’s in, either. And boxes can be so boring.

She does, however, like the way Geoff Miller looks at her–like he doesn’t care about what everyone else thinks about her. He sees right through all the bull. That’s enough to be more than just a distraction.

Little do these two know, but fate is about to tie them together. In this modern fairy tale, anything can happen and usually does.

So far, it’s shaping up to be a light, sarcastic read. I’ve let a few people take some glimpses at the narrative, and they say it makes them laugh. I hope it does that for you, too.

In the meantime, this book is slated to come out January 28th, 2014. The Resistance will now come out on March. I want some more time with that work, as it involves very intensive world building, and I’m not Superwoman, here. It takes focus to do each project justice. I promise, tough, that I am not leaving that series unfinished. I do, however, hope that in the next few months you’ll get as excited about Prince Charming as I have in the last few days. It’s so fun to write, and that is the beauty of this process. Anything can happen! 


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