3 Fitness Goals for The Rest of 2013


The way the Waterlogged App looks on my iPhone

The dog days of summer have me in a health and fitness funk.

When I can, I get outside for fresh air, but more often than not I find myself at the gym doing the same tedious workouts and sweating like some kind of gym zombie.

And that’s not okay.

So, I decided to make some fitness goals. That’s what I do when I’m not satisfied with myself. I make simple goals and set a reasonable time to achieve them. Sounds corny. It’s not. It works wonders for me.

All of these goals tie together in some way, and I hope they’ll help me end 2013 healthier, better and not in a funk.

Here they are:

1. Drink more water. The old cliché is true. My body really does feel better when I am fully hydrated, but that’s not the only benefit I see happen. I love how my skin looks and feels, and my body overall feels less bloated. Even so, all too often I wind up drinking way less water and fluids than I should in a day, especially in the summer. To help, I downloaded a free app for my iPhone5 called Waterlogged. This app has the user set a daily goal for water, then track it through the day. My goal? 78 oz a day.

2. Get back into running. I love running. It does wonders for me, and I’ve even run a marathon it the past. This year, though, I’ve been a little lax, and it shows. I didn’t set a half marathon or marathon goal for the year, and I’m kicking myself about that. Oh well. The year isn’t over yet, and I’m getting myself back into distance running. I started today with a 1.65 mile run in 15 minutes, I’m even planning on running another marathon in 2014. Stay tuned while I figure out which one it will be.

3. Eat more vegetables. Veggies are great. They do everything for you. They have pretty much all you need in life, but too many of us don’t eat enough of them. I’ll raise my hand as one. They taste great to me now, but veggies were not my thing as a kid. Sometimes I forget to keep them in my diet, because old habits in life really do die-hard. But I can change that, too. More veggies. I even started pinning more veggie recipes to my Healthy Eats board on Pinterest as a way to help motivate me with this.

There you have it. Three things I’m going to work on for the rest of this year.

What are your goals for the rest of 2013?


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