Get Fit and Get Outside!

My husband on the trail

My husband on the trail

This weekend while I visited Cincinnati, the temperatures were in the 70s.

That is unbelievable.

A normal July for Cincinnati is a muggy 90 degrees or higher underneath a blazing sun. Most days the air is soupy and wet, and every kind of allergen pops up. It’s not always fun, and most days it leaves you just wanting to stay indoors all day and drink anything cool and refreshing just to pass away the summer hours.

Not this past weekend.

With temps so low, my husband and I decided to head out on a hike Sunday afternoon. We like going on hikes, but don’t have the chance do to them as much as we want to during the year. Sunday, though, proved a perfect day to explore some of the trails around the Ohio River Valley.

Another view from the Rowe Woods trail

Another view from the Rowe Woods trail

We choose the Rowe Woods for that day’s hike.

If you’ve never been there, I recommend it. Nestled near Milford, OH, this large woodland nature preserve features miles and miles of paved nature trails. The Rowe Woods is also part of the Cincinnati Nature Center, so some of the trails feature interactive signs and informational stops to help hikers better understand the foliage around them.

In all, we hiked about 4.6 miles of trial on Sunday for two hours. The trail ranged from easy to difficult, but it was at all times refreshing. Southwest Ohio is a beautiful part of the country, with rolling hills, tall trees, blankets of vines, and more. The Rowe Woods showcases all of that. Before we knew it, half of the afternoon had passed.

Hiking can just be that much fun.

In addition, there are several health benefits of hiking. says hiking regularly leads to lower blood pressure, reduced stress, increased bone density, weight loss and more. In fact, hiking is often more vigorous than walking alone, but less intensive than running.

So, the next time you see a nice day outside, think about heading on a hike in your area.. You won’t regret it.


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