Celi at the Cinema: The Conjuring


Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

I love scary movies. People who know me very well know this fact. I’ll watch any scary movie that comes out.

I’ll even go to a horror movie by myself.

As a kid, my parents never let me watch them. They felt a sensitive child like me wouldn’t be able to sleep after watching Freddy Kruger and Jason mutilate victims. They feared I’d be scarred forever after watching Carrie or Psycho. Horror movies just weren’t a part of my life. At all. I didn’t really start watching them until I was a teenager, and I think it was Scream that first hooked me on the genre.

Yes, I know that dates me. I’m aware. 

Anyway, when I first heard about The Conjuring, I added it to my list of “must-see” movies for the summer. This weekend, a friend and I headed to the theater to check it out. She likes horror movies, too. I think that’s part of why we are friends. Most people I know won’t go to scary movies the way she and I will.

The Conjuring is a Hollywood-ized retelling of a case investigated in the early 1970s by Ed and Lorraine Warren, two people who spent their lives investigating the paranormal. Like The Amityville Horror, this story centers on a big rambling house, a family new to the neighborhood, and evil spirits that quick terrorize every family member in any way possible.

The movie is very good. It’s one of the better scary movies I have seen in a long time. It stands out because of the believable acting, like-able family, and impressive special effects. The story makes use of “old Hollywood” tension tricks like doors that open on their own and mysterious sounds off camera. The director chose to keep the audience guessing, and the whole time I was in complete suspense as to how this story would turn out for the family.

In short, it’s a great movie.

If you want a movie to give you goosebumps make you bite your lip in fear, this is the movie to see. You will not be disappointed.

My overall cinema grade: A-


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