For the Days You Need a Pep Talk

Kid PrezzI remember the first time I ever saw the Kid President.

It was back in January 2013. Someone shared his latest video on Facebook. Of course they did. That’s where you always see videos like that these days.

The Kid President and Soulpancake had made videos before. Plenty of them. In fact, I was kind of late to the party on this trend (and I hate being late on trends). Lots of folks had heard the simple wisdom of an energetic and happy kid. He had quite a following. He was something of an internet celeb.

I clicked on the video and watched his “Pep Talk”, a three minute video set to music that offers up some advice, encouragement, and joy. Basically, this kid just wants adults to be happier, to make a difference, and to be awesome. He just wants to pump people up.

As it turned out, I needed it. I was about to publish my first book on Amazon, about to change my life, and about to let a story I’d spent a year on out into the world. Scary stuff. Life changing stuff. Terror was an understatement.

The Kid President helped me do it. He made me laugh. He gave me some perspective. He reminded me that I have a purpose on this Earth, that my light should not be wasted, and that I am a person with multiple gifts and talents. Over the last few months, I’ve shared the video with friends who need a pick me up–most recently with some author friends who have been down, sad, scared, and depressed by the daily struggle that is creating and marketing books.

Which is why I’m sharing him here on my blog. The Kid President has a great message. He just might help you, too. He just might say something that clicks for you.

And that could help you share your talents, too, leading to a world that is more awesome. Pretty cool in my book.


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