The Palms Teaser #2

IMG_2084Here’s another sneak peek of my new novella, THE PALMS! The story comes out on June 25th!  You can mark the story as “To-Read” on Goodreads just by clicking right here!

Trent leaned a little closer to her, fully ignoring whoever he’d come with to HMF. As he did this, Lauren got a whiff of his aftershave. “I wish someone had told me you were coming back to the island.”

“Why?” Lauren raised a sculpted eyebrow and lowered her voice to a sexier octave. “So you could ban me? I think this island is big enough for the both of us.” Her flirtatious defense cracked just a bit. “And it’s been ten years.”

“More like ten minutes.”

“Maybe for you.”

“Maybe for you, too?” Trent looked down at his watch, a large, silver designer number that showed both the date and the time. He never went a day without it wrapped around his wrist because he liked the security that it brought him. “Listen, I’m thinking—”

“Here is your sushi, Miss.” Jason set down a to-go bag.

Trent held up his hand to stop her and Lauren thought she saw something like panic flash across his face. “Wait. You’re leaving?”


“But it’s early,” Trent said, a little flustered. He even gaped at her. “You shouldn’t leave yet.” He pointed at her drink. “Besides, it doesn’t look like you’ve drank enough of these. Surely you want another one.”

“Want and need are two different things, Trent.”

“Well, maybe you need another one, then.”

Lauren shook her head. “It’s been a long day,” she lied. “And I’m very tired.”

Another member of the wait staff placed the check in front of her; she picked up her drink and gulped down the last few drops of it. Trent watched her do this, but it didn’t cause Lauren to break. She wouldn’t let him delay her. Not tonight.

Man and Woman Couple In Romantic Embrace On Beach“How long are you here?” he tried.

Lauren opened the checkbook.

“A few days,” she said as she signed the check without stopping to examine the charges. “Maybe a week. Just a quick getaway.” She closed the black sleeve and grinned at him. “It was nice to see you.”

“Wait… ugh… nice… nice to see me?” Trent sputtered. “Nice to see me?”


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