THE PALMS Teaser #1

Man and Woman Couple In Romantic Embrace On BeachWe’re just a few weeks away from the release date of my latest novella, THE PALMS! I’m pretty excited about it, I must admit. And I know a few of you are eagerly awaiting a quick glimpse at the story. So, without further delay, here it is:


“You read my mind,” Lauren replied, and laughed. As Jason turned away to place her order she turned her head and got an even better look at the people who’d just sat down at the bar, making it go from half empty to full in about ten minutes.

That’s when her laughter died.

There he sat on the other side of the bar, right in her vantage point. Right there, across from Lauren, and next to a tan blonde woman with curly hair who had to be in her 30s. Who at that very moment had her hand nestled in his caramel colored hair.


She would have recognized him anywhere, even though she hadn’t seen him in ten years. The passage of time didn’t matter at all. Not when it came to him. Full green eyes. A roguish grin. Firm, chiseled jaw. A small spray of stubble fanned out from his lips. Ten years had changed him of course, but she still recognized the smirk and the way his eyes intoxicated and mocked her. Lauren tried to look away and ignore the way her heart constricted in her chest, but she couldn’t. Not this time.

Trent Matthews.

Older, but no less handsome. No less electrifying. And no less magnetic.

“Oh my God,” she said under her breath. “I just can’t believe it.”

Lauren gave a quick glance down at her drink. She hoped he hadn’t seen her, and that he didn’t realize she sat so close. The blood rushed to her face and the memories of ten years ago flooded her unwilling mind. She took another quick swig of the cocktail. Another. And then a third one. Still not enough.

“Damn,” she said as she looked at her drink. Cocktails were all the same, no matter who made them — all fanfare, flash, and no substance. Now she had no more alcohol, and nothing more to distract her. She looked up again, this time over her right shoulder, and shuddered.

Trent Matthews stared right back at her — every chiseled, sculpted section of him. His bright eyes ensnared her. His broad shoulders questioned her. His jaw popped as he kept up the stare. As the seconds passed, he ignored the blonde woman seated next to him. For a brief moment, Lauren wondered if that woman was supposed to be his date. She wondered if she still cared.

Of course she did.

“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath. “After all this time?”


Like what you read? Want some more? The 25th is just around the corner, so you won’t have to wait long! Be sure and add THE PALMS to your Goodreads “To-Read” list right here!


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