LOCAL-ized Eating

My lunch

My lunch

I’m a foodie at heart. I love a good, hearty meal.

And I like to think I have some taste (just a little). At the very least, I’m adventurous.

One of the places I’ve been meaning to try is a spot in Norman, OK called  LOCAL. I’ve stalked the Facebook page for this pace a few months now, and I’ve always heard good things.

Recently, I had a chance to see for myself.

I met a friend for a quick-lunch there on a Saturday.  She’s a student at OU, so it wasn’t hard to  convince her.  We set at time, and stuck too it. And I have to say that LOCAL met my expectations, and then exceeded them.

It’s a surprisingly large restaurant, with a wide hostess area, small shop, and long hallway to large back dining room. The owners have really gotten creative with the space, which would have been daunting to some considering the fact that the restaurant occupies a corner spot of a shopping mall. The decor inside is very inviting, so I could see how this would be a place to grab a drink or a bite with friends on a weekend.

As for the food, it’s very tasty. I had a vegetarian pita and ice tea, topped off with a little chocolate, flour less cake.

All in all, LOCAL is a spot to try the next time you are in Norman!


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