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Visiting with some of the journalism and broadcasting students at HHS

Visiting with some of the journalism and broadcasting students at HHS

Recently, I had a chance to visit my old high school, Highlands High School, and meet with some of the students there.

Honestly, this was really fun.

When I graduated in 2000, I decided I wasn’t going back. I had bigger things to do— a life to live, and a world beyond Ft. Thomas, KY that I couldn’t wait to explore. I thought the last time I walked out the front door of that school would be the last time I ever darkened the door.  High school hadn’t been the best years of my life  (isn’t that the same for most people?). I needed get away. And so, I was never going back.

Never say never.

The new Highlands High School is pretty awesome. The entire school went through a renovation a couple of years back, and now the facility is top-notch (when I was there, the building didn’t have air conditioning). A TV station, black box theater, chefs in the lunchroom, brand new lockers, wider hallways, cleaner classrooms, a 21st century library, and centralized art room are just a few of the things I noticed on my visit. Truly, the students there are pretty lucky. I hope they know it.

I also go such a warm welcome from the teachers and students. I was there as the guest of Chuck Keller, one of the school’s English teachers. During the editing process for THE UNDESIRABLE, he graciously gave the book a late read. He gave me a lot of great feedback, and it helped the strengthen the story. Talking to some of his freshman students about writing was the least I could do.

Anyway, it was an awesome morning for me, and I really enjoyed it. Here’s the finally admitting–I am forever a bluebird (the school mascot).


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