Radio Days

I had a chance to help the folks out on 101.9 Twister with their St. Jude radio-thon Friday, and I jumped at  it.

Even though I work in broadcasting, doing radio is still a little “foreign” to me.  I’ve spent most of my career in TV, and only recorded radio updates as needed. I’ve never done much radio DJ-ing or news radio.

On the Air!

On the Air!

So on Friday afternoon, from noon to 1:30PM, I had a blast.The whole setup was to raise money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospitals–a huge community partner for KFOR/KAUT Freedom43 this year. During the radio-thon hosted by The Twister, we took up most of the time talking about the good work that is done at St. Jude. If you don’t know much about the amazing work doctors and staffers there to do help kids with cancer, you can find out more here.

Working the guest spot on the Twister was also fun for me for a different reason. Before I knew my dad–long before I was born–he worked as a DJ for about seven years in the 1970s. I never knew that part of him, I just heard about it. By the time I met my father, he commanded a different audience–in the pulpit as a Presbyterian minister (interesting career change, right?).  Then, the year I turned 10, he died of melanoma. So any connection I can make to get a glimpse of the life he once led is a big deal for me.

Plus, it was all a great way to kick off a weekend. The folks at 101.9 are awesome. I’d love to come back anytime!


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